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Monday, March 20, 2023

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Charles W. Lamden Charles W. Lamden

Nov. 17 Celebration Planned for Lamden Hall Naming

The Education and Business Administration Building will be renamed to honor former accounting department chair and business dean Charles W. Lamden and his wife, Gertrude Lamden.
By SDSU News Team

San Diego State University is planning a celebration Wednesday, Nov. 17 in observance of the naming of Lamden Hall in honor of a former accounting department chair and business dean, the late Charles W. Lamden, and his wife Gertrude “Trudy” Lamden.  As a tribute to the Lamden family’s philanthropic contributions and legacy at the university, the Education and Business Administration Building was renamed Lamden Hall on Sept. 28.

SDSU’s Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy in the Fowler College of Business is named for Lamden, who was the driving force in the founding of the university's College of Business Administration.  He served as the dean of the School of Business Administration from 1954 to 1965.

For almost half a century, Lamden served as a mentor for colleagues and SDSU students. He remains a beloved figure at SDSU.  

“It is our honor to preserve the legacy of Charles W. Lamden and his family with a building naming, which is both a significant and rare occurrence,” said SDSU President Adela de la Torre. “The contributions Charles and Trudy Lamden made in life are with us today, and will be for future generations.”


The Lamden Hall naming serves to recognize the many contributions Charles W. Lamden made to his field, his students and to higher education. It also recognizes and preserves the memory, legacy and many philanthropic contributions the Lamden family has made in service to the university.

Charles and Trudy’s daughter, Carol Lamden Corby, remembers her parents as being very supportive of one another.  She recalls her father as a caring man known for his integrity.

“He loved and cared about his students and his students connected with him,” Carol said. “His sense of integrity was not only in teaching, but in the way he lived.”

Bill Lamden (’66) remembers his mother as a talented accountant in her own right. He describes his father as an accountant who had a passion for teaching.

“My dad was a born teacher,” Bill said. “He wanted to be on campus with his students, in his class doing what he loved.  He taught his students the importance of adhering to ethics through ethical presentations, which has largely been lost today.  He was about equity and fairness.”

Bill’s wife, Evelyn Lamden, says their relatives are looking forward to seeing the family name prominently displayed on campus. “The whole family is quite excited about it,” Evelyn said. “It’s a bit surreal to see your family name on a building, but I think there will be a lot of pride.”

“We believe the name has meaning because of who my dad was and it lends meaning to the university,” Bill said. “That’s what makes me prouder than anything else.”  

The right characteristics

Faculty Emerita Sharon Lightner (’73) taught financial accounting at the same time Charles Lamden was a faculty member. She remembers him as a “generous and humble” colleague who would invite other faculty members to his home for dinner.

“He was very gracious,” Lightner said. “He had ethics, integrity, and was just so professional in everything he did.  He had all the characteristics we want our students to have.”

Students found Lamden to be accessible and friendly, Lightner recalls.  She said it makes her happy the building where their offices were housed will bear the Lamden name.

“It brings back a nice memory of all our faculty offices up and down that hall and Charles was always there,” she said. “I am fortunate to have known him.

“Every time I walk by that building now I will smile because it’s a great remembrance.”