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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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A row of gamers are engaged in esports competition. A row of gamers are engaged in esports competition.

Esports Professionals Targeted in New Certificate Program

The online program, offered through SDSU Global Campus, speaks to a booming and worldwide industry in videogame competition.
By Tim Grenda

SDSU Global Campus is offering a new online Professional Certificate in the Business of Esports, aiming to teach the fundamentals of content creation, social media marketing and player development in an industry with thousands of job openings.

Competitive multiplayer gaming, more commonly known as esports, is projected to become a nearly $3 billion dollar industry in the next year. Thousands of amateur and professional esports competitions are held around the world each year, with millions of dollars in prize money handed out. BMW, Intel, the Coca-Cola Company and more of the world’s top brands already have sponsored numerous esports tournaments.

“The esports industry is absolutely exploding worldwide,” said Dane Henderson, an esports industry veteran who serves as the program advisor. “Our esports certificate program is designed for students who are new to the esports industry, as well as current esports professionals who are seeking professional development, career advancement, or entrepreneurial opportunities in a highly-lucrative industry.”

Students can choose between two professional development tracks — esports management and esports design — depending on their goals in the industry.

All courses are 100% online, taught by esports industry professionals, and open to all with no experience required. The new certificate program can help students build a gaming career in as little as 12 months.

The total estimated cost of each certificate is $4,650 to $4,850, depending upon the track.

Career building

According to HitmarkerJobs, a website that compiles gaming and esports jobs, there are currently more than 7,000 active listings from more than 50 countries seeking qualified professionals to help the esports industry grow.

From 2018 to 2019, esports employment opportunities grew 185%. Many of these jobs are seeking junior- and intermediate-level employees. While 55% of all jobs in the esports industry are located in the U.S., another 17% are seeking remote employment and 75% of all job postings were for full-time positions.