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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Gregory A. Daddis, SDSU history professor has received a U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program award. Gregory A. Daddis, SDSU history professor has received a U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program award.

Professor of History Receives Fulbright Distinguished Scholar Award

Gregory Daddis will teach, lecture and conduct research at Pembroke College, Oxford
By Leslie L.J. Reilly

Gregory Daddis, history professor, director of the Center for War and Society, and USS Midway Chair in Modern U.S. Military History, understands America’s relationship to war. He served more than 25 years in the U.S. Army before entering academia. 

A leading scholar on the Cold War, Vietnam, and U.S. foreign policy, he has written numerous books, essays, and articles, and currently teaches on the relationships between war and society at San Diego State University.

Daddis has received a U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program award to to teach and lecture on the topic of America’s experience with the Cold War and the post World War II-era in the United Kingdom at Pembroke College, Oxford

“I am tremendously excited and honored to have the chance to represent the university in Europe and looking forward to sharing my scholarship,” Daddis said.

Daddis has performed extensive work on British influences regarding American counterinsurgency theory and practice during the Cold War. 

“I have conducted archival research on the British Advisory Mission in Vietnam and written on the influence that advisors like Sir Robert Thompson had on the Johnson and Nixon administrations as the United States was seeking some semblance of victory in Vietnam,” Daddis said.

As a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar atPembroke college in spring 2023, Daddis looks forward to engaging with students and faculty who are examining the relationships between the U.S. and Great Britain during the Cold War era. He hopes to promote an enduring educational exchange and elucidate on a topic of international significance.

Daddis will collaborate with internationally recognized scholars in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Pembroke. In addition, he will facilitate long-term institutional connections between the SDSU Center for War and Society and Pembroke's Changing Character of War Centre. 

“Both of these academic programs explore how and why societies go to war, experience war, and deal with war's consequences,” Daddis said. “For me, expanding one's worldview is a critical component of education.” 

The Fulbright Scholarship allows Daddis to build bridges across cultural divides to embolden SDSU’s commitment to worldwide academic partnerships and important research.