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Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Guillermina Gina Núñez-Mchiri Guillermina Gina Núñez-Mchiri

New SDSU Imperial Valley Dean Named

A Calexico native, Núñez-Mchiri’s appointment marks a return to both the Valley and SDSU.
By SDSU News Team

Guillermina Gina Núñez-Mchiri has been named the new Dean for SDSU Imperial Valley. Her appointment will officially begin on August 4, 2022. 

For Núñez-Mchiri, who currently serves as an associate professor of anthropology and director at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), the position marks a return to both SDSU and the Valley community. A Calexico High School graduate, Núñez-Mchiri received her undergraduate degree in International Business and her master’s in Latin American Studies from San Diego State University. She later earned her doctorate in cultural anthropology from the University of California, Riverside.

“I began my career in higher education as a student leader at SDSU, and now look forward to engaging students, staff, faculty, and community in the Imperial Valley,” said Núñez-Mchiri. “My goal is to serve as a bridge between the Imperial Valley Campus and the Mesa Campus, as well as a collaborator with community and industry leaders on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.”
Núñez-Mchiri began as a visiting assistant professor at UTEP, where she eventually gained tenure and became director of Women’s and Gender Studies. In 2012, she received the University of Texas Regents Outstanding Teaching Award for her efforts to incorporate community engagement and research experiences to promote student success in higher education. 

“With this announcement, it is also important to thank SDSU Imperial Valley interim Dean Mark Wheeler for his substantial leadership and continued commitment to our faculty, staff and students in the Valley over the last year,” said Salvador Hector Ochoa, SDSU Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. "So much of the groundwork for this major expansion in Imperial Valley was laid through his hard work this past year." 
Núñez-Mchiri joins the SDSU Imperial Valley campus community at an exciting time. As announced earlier this year, SDSU Imperial Valley will be expanding its Brawley campus, building a new STEM facility in the Valley that will house labs for STEM programs, such as the new public health program coming to SDSU Imperial Valley. This renewable energy initiative builds on the university’s continued investment and dedication to our surrounding community. A first-of-its-kind student housing project in Calexico, and in collaboration with the Imperial Valley Community College, is also number one on the California department of finance's list for funding. 

"I could not be more excited or committed to our educational and workforce expansion plans in Imperial Valley," said SDSU President Adela de la Torre. "The promise of the Imperial Valley campus was one of the key reasons I was attracted to San Diego State University four years ago, and I am confident that all the pieces are now in place to turn that promise into opportunity for thousands of students all across the Valley. I am thrilled to be able to work with Dr. Núñez-Mchiri on this vision going forward."

Núñez-Mchiri has more than twenty years of applied research and community engagement experiences on the US-Mexico border.  Her most recent publications focus on LEAD: a Latina leadership model based on the U.S.-Mexico Border and on Leadership in Times of Conflict. 

“SDSU is a great place to grow as a leader, scholar, and as an advocate with strong commitments to students and community. I look forward to serving our border region by providing students with opportunities to pursue careers in nursing, education, the Liberal Arts, and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. There is a sea of opportunity in the Imperial Valley and the time to explore new avenues for growth and transformation is now,” said Núñez-Mchiri. 

“I am honored to be able to come home to share my gifts with the community that has helped raise me.”