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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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SDSU Safe is now available in Apple and Google Play stores.

SDSU Introduces Mobile Safety App

SDSU Safe, a custom mobile safety app developed by AppArmor, was launched to enhance campus safety on and around campus.
By SDSU News Team

San Diego State University has launched “SDSU Safe,” a new, free phone-based app to address and promote personal safety both on and off campus.
AppArmor is the university’s vendor for mass emergency notifications and, now, a new mobile app is being introduced for SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to download the mobile app, available in the stores for Apple and Android. 
“The safety and security of our community and campus are paramount,” said SDSU President Adela de la Torre
“In addition to enhancing safety-related workshops, training sessions and events over the recent years – including improved policies related to student conduct – we have improved our mechanisms for communicating campus emergencies and resources to students, faculty, staff and our parents and families,” de la Torre said. 
SDSU Safe, downloadable for Apple and Android users, uses the latest mobile and GPS technologies, with enhanced features that include certain campus safety alerts as well as instant access to a range of university safety resources and reporting tools.
“In a public safety event it is critical that we quickly and simply communicate to our students, faculty, and staff  ‘where they live,’ which is on their mobile devices,” said Jerry Sheehan, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer. “AppArmor provides us with a leading-edge app to help provide easy access to critical campus alerts and new tools, like friend walk, to help assure the safety of our students.”
SDSU Alert provides easy and instant access to useful information, to include the following features:
  • Safety Notifications: Users can receive notifications and instructions from SDSU when the university is communicating about emergencies occurring on or near campus. Generally, notifications are deployed only when there is an imminent threat to people or infrastructure, to include the sending of Clery notices or a change in university operations. 
  • Friend Walk: Users can share their physical location with an individual through email or SMS, allowing that individual to track their progress to their destination after accepting the Friend Walk. 
  • Mobile Blue Light: If you are in crisis on campus, the feature will contact the University Police Department, sharing information about your location in real time so that the department may respond to assist. 
  • Reporting Tools: Whether it is an emergency, a crime tip or an incident, the mobile app provides mechanisms to report in real time. 
  • SDSU Urgent: Directly connects to the university’s page, which the university launches in the event of certain emergency situations to keep the campus informed of incidents, responses and safety measures. 
  • Maps and Directions: Access to the SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley maps are provided, including information about the shuttle that transports students and employees between both family locations. 
All students, employees, parents and families and other community members should ensure that their current contact information is on file with SDSU by following the instructions on and here: 
  • Students should ensure that their contact information, including mobile phone numbers and their current local address, is up to date via WebPortal. Students can also choose to opt-in to receive non-emergency outreach and resource messages. To do so, students should select the opt-in box after logging into WebPortal
  • Faculty and staff (except auxiliary employees; see details below) should ensure that their mobile phone number is updated via SDSU PeopleSoft. Once logged in, click the drop-down main menu, click “Self Service,” then “Personal Information.” You can update your contact information on the “Personal Summary Information” page by clicking “Change Phone Numbers.” From the drop-down menu, select “Mobile” and add your number in the “Telephone” field. Click “Save,” then the “OK” button before exiting.  
  • Auxiliary employees (SDSU Research Foundation, Aztec Shops and Associated Students employees) should use the online form to update their personal information, and also provide consent to receive important outreach messages from SDSU.