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Saturday, September 30, 2023

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A view of Hardy Tower at SDSU (Photo: Jim Brady) A view of Hardy Tower at SDSU (Photo: Jim Brady)

Online Education Master’s Program Ranks 7th Best in the Nation

The U.S. News & World Report ranking is its best ever and its third time in the top ten.
By Michael Klitzing and Jeff Ristine

San Diego State University’s online education master’s program is No. 7 in the nation, according to a new annual ranking from U.S. News & World Report, up one spot from last year and its highest position ever.

The ranking in the 2023 Best Online Programs, released Tuesday, marks the third top-10 ranking in four years for the College of Education program.

One factor helping to propel the ranking is the fact that two programs now factor into the metrics. Last year's No. 8 ranking was solely on the strength of SDSU's online Master of Arts in teaching (MAT), a one-year program in elementary and secondary curriculum and instruction.

Launched in 2014, the program has steadily grown to more than 100 students per year with nearly 500 graduates to date.

This year U.S. News also included data from SDSU's master of arts in PK-12 educational leadership with preliminary administrative services credential option. The program, which recently doubled in size and expanded its online offerings through funding from the Wallace Foundation, is geared to empower school administrators and teachers who aspire to leadership roles in primary and secondary education.

“I am incredibly proud to have the College of Education's online master's programs ranked No. 7 in the country,” said Y. Barry Chung, dean of the College of Education. “This is a major achievement that speaks to our ongoing commitment to create innovative, flexible programming that enables hardworking educators to enhance their impact and advance their careers.”

SDSU has experienced a steady rise in various college rankings at the midpoint of its five-year strategic plan, which identifies student success as a key priority. This includes commitments to close equity gaps, expanding access to both undergraduate and graduate education for the people of our region, and supporting student health and well-being.