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Monday, September 25, 2023

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Jazmyn Horton-Alvarado poses at SDSU Imperial Valley’s Front Lawn (Karla Lora-Acosta) Jazmyn Horton-Alvarado poses at SDSU Imperial Valley’s Front Lawn (Karla Lora-Acosta)

SDSU's Class of 2023: Best Spots on Campus to Take Grad Photos

By Melinda Sevilla, Daniella Rodiles, and Jenna Dorr

Congratulations, Class of 2023! Now say, “cheeeeese!”


Stand in any spot at San Diego State University and you’re sure to find the perfect backdrop for your grad pic. If you’ve ever taken a stroll past Hepner Hall during golden hour in April, you’ve seen the lines of people waiting to snap their best graduation photos. And if you’re on the east side of California, you’ll see that SDSU Imperial Valley’s Calexico campus holds special and scenic spots that will make your photoshoots memorable. 


We’re rounding up our picks for some of the best locations to take graduation photos for the Class of 2023.


Remember that glitter is litter and not biodegradable! Please be a good community member by keeping our campus clean and our landscape healthy by leaving no trash.  





Imperial Valley Arch Entrance

When you walk into SDSU Imperial Valley’s Calexico site, you’re welcomed by a tall arch entrance with teal doors. The entrance is not only an entrance of a new beginning but a symbol of a welcoming place that connects students, faculty and staff to a space of community and joy.





Ballesteros Tower

Walking down straight from the arch entrance, your eyes will be guided to the Ballesteros Tower, an architectural structure named after David Ballesteros, former dean of SDSU Imperial Valley from 1983 to 1998. The iconic tower near the library has become a memorable structure that has been captured in students’ first and last-day photos on campus.  




North Classroom Building

Formerly known as Calexico’s first high school establishment, the North Classroom Building holds a minimalistic, classic look. And, if you shoot images during the afternoon, you’ll find that golden hour will give you the best lighting opportunities. 






SDSU Imperial Valley’s Front Lawn

Although the campus is near residential areas, the spacious green lawn in front of the arch entrance has become the campus’ most used space to shoot images. The small, but scenic space holds such a green landscape that will make your photos look like you’re not in the city.




Hepner Hall

Completed in 1931, the iconic Hepner Hall is SDSU’s most photographed building. Some may say “basic,” but we say classic. 



04252023_sdsu_class_2023_5.jpgScripps Cottage

Visit Scripps Cottage for a picturesque bridge that overlooks the Koi Fish Pond. If you're lucky, you can catch the turtles basking in the sun in your grad shot. 



04252023_sdsu_class_2023_10.pngCollege Ave Suspension Bridge

This is a great photo location for our graduates who are always on the go! On a given day, you can always find the suspension bridge full of first-year students running to make their morning class. Remember those days? 




Outside Aztec Student Union

Another classic spot to take photos while reminiscing on the fun you’ve had while at SDSU. The Aztec Student Union is home to many interesting events, spanning from Clothing Swaps to a Pumpkin Drop.



04252023_sdsu_class_2023_6.jpgArched Hallways 

There is no shortage of arched hallways on campus. Our favorite is by Hardy Tower for the best deep reds and tones of teal while bringing a sophisticated look to your grad photos. 



*For SDSU Imperial Valley graduation images, the graduating student is Jazmyn Horton-Alvarado and the photographer is Karla Lora-Acosta.


**SDSU Main Campus images are aerospace engineering senior Jarred Sampayan and Josiah Imperial - photographers are Jenna Dorr and Melinda Sevilla


Additional photos provided by JohVonne Roberts and Nandi Maunder

Grad Photos 2023