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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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The top 10 most popular degrees of 2023 are... (SDSU Photo) The top 10 most popular degrees of 2023 are... (SDSU Photo)

SDSU’s Top 10 Degrees Among 2023 Graduates

The Class of 2023 includes a diverse group of students from across departments on campus including computer science, psychology and criminal justice.
By Lainie McCorkle

This month, San Diego State University congratulates 11,659 graduates on their achievements as they become proud SDSU alumni.


SDSU will host three days of May 2023 commencement ceremonies at Viejas Arena beginning Friday, May 12. SDSU Imperial Valley will host a commencement ceremony on Tuesday, May 16 at Rollie Carrillo Quad. Additional information can be found on the SDSU Commencement site.


The top 10 most popular degrees of 2023 are:


No. 10: Computer Science


These 215 graduates have a fundamental understanding of modern computing methodology and programming practices along with a complementary knowledge of hardware. They have received basic preparation in programming, data structures and architecture as well as more advanced fundamentals and specializations.


No. 9: Mechanical Engineering


These 224 graduates have spent their college careers finding solutions to make processes and products more efficient. They are prepared to address a vast variety of problems requiring the integration of design and analytical skills.


No. 8: Business Administration - Accounting


The Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy will graduate 230 students into the workforce this year. Located within the Fowler College of Business, the school prides itself on preparing graduates for careers in corporate or public accounting, tax preparation, financial planning and auditing.


No. 7: Interdisciplinary Studies (Three Departments)


These 233 graduates are leaving SDSU with a custom degree individually designed with guidance from educational advisers. This degree allows students to combine classes from three different departments and is ideal for students whose career goals or academic interests are not fully addressed by an existing major or major/minor pattern at SDSU.


No. 6: Kinesiology - Pre-Physical Therapy

These 256 graduates are prepared for jobs in a full range of medical, commercial and educational environments. They also meet the academic requirements necessary for entry to postgraduate education for physical therapy, chiropractic, and podiatry schools.


No. 5: Business Administration - General Business


These 264 graduates are prepared for roles that require a broad, overarching understanding of the business function, rather than specialized knowledge within a particular business sub-discipline. These graduates have received a broad and generalized understanding of the function of business and how the various sub-disciplines of business interact to contribute to the success of an organization.


No. 4: Business Administration - Finance


These 267 graduates are prepared for career opportunities with business and nonprofit organizations, financial management, protection of assets, financial and estate planning along with wealth management and real estate.


No. 3: Criminal Justice


These 305 graduates are prepared for careers in federal, state and local law enforcement and have gained an in-depth knowledge of all facets of crime, delinquency and crime control, as well as a foundation for critical, balanced, responsible and effective administrative responses.


No. 2: Business Administration - Marketing


These 325 graduates have gained a strong understanding of buyer and seller behavior. They know how products and services are developed, priced, promoted, distributed and sold, which prepares them for careers as brand, market or sales managers, analysts and account executives.


No. 1: Psychology 


These 463 graduates studied human behavior and mental processes and participated in hands-on field experiences, internships and undergraduate research. They can pursue careers in a wide range of fields, including law enforcement, scientific research, government agencies and healthcare.



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