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Saturday, September 30, 2023

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SDSU Community-Based Block Program Celebrates 50th

The program, celebrating its 50th year in 2023 with a gala in July, prepares culturally competent counselors and leaders to work with diverse communities.
By SDSU News Team

The San Diego State University Community-Based Block (CBB) Multicultural Counseling and Social Justice Education Program is celebrating its 50th anniversary. 


Since 1973, the CBB program has been dedicated to creating a world where it is “easier to love, heal and become more fully human, despite the bereft psychology of dominant group supremacy, racism, sexism, and other prejudices woven into the fabric of this country,” said Nola Butler-Byrd, CBB program director and University Senate chair. 


For 40 years, the CBB program was offered once each year. In 2014, the program became a two-year, 60-unit Master of Science program due to the critical need for more culturally competent licensed psychotherapists and the behest of program alumni longing for licensure.  


Today, the program prepares students to become Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors and social justice activists by combining classroom instruction with practical, hands-on experience in community-based settings throughout the San Diego area. 


“CBB graduates are employed in K-12, community college, clinical, and non-profit settings throughout the San Diego region and beyond,” Butler-Byrd said. “Our approach has helped the CBB Program become a leader in multicultural counseling and social justice education, as well as a vital resource for communities throughout the San Diego region, California, and the nation.”


The program will celebrate its 50th Anniversary Gala on Saturday, July 8, at Building 177 in Liberty Station. The event, hosted by CBB for Life, an alumni organization supporting the long-term sustainability and success of the CBB program, will benefit the program's ongoing efforts. 


“We are excited to invite the community to join us in celebrating the CBB Program's 50th anniversary and to honor the individuals who have contributed to its success,” said CBB for Life Board member and CBB Faculty Emeritus Maria Nieto-Senour


Tickets to the CBB 50th Anniversary Gala can be purchased online, and sponsorships are available through July 1. For more information about the event or the CBB Program, visit Email with questions about sponsorships.