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Saturday, September 30, 2023

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Students cheer on the Aztecs men's basketball team during an NCAA championship game watch party at Viejas Arena. (SDSU) Students cheer on the Aztecs men's basketball team during an NCAA championship game watch party at Viejas Arena. (SDSU)

SDSU Transitions to User-Friendly Omni CMS Calendar

The platform provides SDSU students, faculty and staff access to a centralized resource for university event calendar needs while easing the process of promoting campus events.
By SDSU News Team

It’s official: San Diego State University now has a centralized calendar for all university-hosted and sponsored events. 


On April 3, 2023, the university began its transition to Omni CMS Calendar to host its official calendar within the same system as its web content management system. 


While multiple units are using different calendars, SDSU’s new calendar platform allows students, faculty and staff to access a single, unified space to promote SDSU-affiliated events. The calendar also eases the process of sharing event information with both on- and off-campus audiences.


“For years, our community has asked for a more simplified and centralized way to locate information about the thousands of events hosted each year. This is that solution,” said La Monica Everett-Haynes, SDSU associate vice president and chief communications officer. “The new calendar is an accessible and effective resource and, fundamentally, it supports the very social and community engagement efforts across our campus that help people to feel connected and welcome and to find places to share ideas.” 


In the Omni CMS Calendar, SDSU faculty and staff members will have the opportunity to create event listings and submit them for approval and inclusion on SDSU’s Campus Life calendar.


“Using the calendar feature of our existing content management system aligns with our strategic plan initiative,” said Krista Nielsen, senior director of Digital Communications & Analytics for Strategic Communications and Public Affairs (StratComm). “Our charge was to use organizational practices for technology, supporting less redundant systems, to improve productivity and help prioritize how we manage resources for cost-saving benefits.” 


StratComm led the charge with the system transition in collaboration with Student Affairs and Campus Diversity and Information Technology. StratComm continues to provide support and training to those interested in learning how to use the system effectively to promote university events. More information regarding the transition and requirements can be found in the Omni CMS Calendar Submission Guidelines (SDSU login required).