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Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Video: Advice for Incoming Students from Recent SDSU Graduates

By SDSU News Team

"Have fun!"
"Lock in!"
"You got this!"
We asked San Diego State University grads for their advice to incoming students about navigating the campus, building a support network, and staying motivated. 
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The pandemic and post-pandemic eras have reshaped our world, including what it takes to be a successful student at San Diego State University.

It’s not just about great grades and a full social calendar, though that’s part of it, university officials said. It’s about taking care of yourself, asking for help when you need it, getting involved — but not stretching yourself too thin — and embracing SDSU’s diverse ecosystem,” said Randy Timm, the dean of Students at SDSU. “We want to make sure that we keep these messages at the top of students’ minds throughout their university career.”

“All of these things — your mental health, your academic achievement, your social involvement — they’re all interconnected.” 

When students are new to San Diego State University, oftentimes they feel alone as they navigate their academic journey. Student councils provide connections to other like-minded students who are studying in a particular college.
With nine active student councils, students can help steer events, make programming recommendations, and collaborate with clubs and organizations. Councils advocate for students and provide a bridge between the colleges and SDSU’s governing body, Associated Students. Clubs and organizations work in tandem with the councils to obtain funding for specific events and projects. 
In addition to running for leadership positions, students can share their concerns and ideas by attending the public college council meetings that take place weekly. Council meetings also help students find out about the many academic, professional, and social activities across the entire campus. 

This fall, San Diego State University students will reap leadership wisdom from a rock legend, discuss the ethics of artificial intelligence, delve into our country’s water issues, or learn about the role of food in Asian identities — SDSU’s intellectual exploits extend beyond textbooks.