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  • Golf Duffers monthly play
  • Working with other retirement associations
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Golf Duffers monthly play

As usual, the faithful Golf Duffers will meet the first Thursday of next month, Dec. 2. Contact C. Jack Stewart, emeritus chemistry, for details of when and where.

Working with other retirement associations

The SDSU Retirement Association works closely with California State University Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association throughout the year. 

Pat Koppman, SDSU Retirement Association president, and Tom Donahue, liaison, attended ERFA’s recent regular meeting and reported that from the 23 CSU campuses, only seven of the retirement associations include both faculty and staff in their membership. SDSU's association is one of the seven. 

ERFA has recently opened membership to spouses of retired faculty and staff. ERFA looks out for the rights of CSU retirees, providing valuable support, particularly in the areas of health benefits and legislative branch issues. Koppman’s written report of the meeting will appear in the next issue of the SDSU Retirement Association's newsletter, PostScript.

The association also works closely with AROHE, the Association of Retired Organizations in Higher Education. A report on their recent meeting is included with the holiday party invitations that were mailed last week.

Academic Senate update

Gordon Shackelford, representative to the Academic Senate, reported on the senate’s involvement with the upcoming search for a new SDSU president. The senate will also evaluate the policy of large class sizes and the policy of opening university admissions for spring 2011 without continuing funding to support such additional student enrollments.

The holiday party, held jointly each year with the Women’s Association, is well under way. This year’s event will be held Dec. 5 at the Admiral Baker facility and will include entertainment. The room itself, the decorations and the food/beverage service are the makings of a fine event.

Website additions

The association's webmaster, Pat Coffey, has added a great new feature to the events calendar page of the SDSU Retirement Association website. She has added an online calendar, located near the bottom of the page so viewers can easily see what day of the week is associated with specific event dates.

Norma Summersgill, retired, Personnel Services and past president of our Association thanked the Association for sending her to the AROHE conference.  In between business, there was a tour of Yale University and Norma was named an honorary AROHE Board member in appreciation for her years of service as their Treasurer.

The SDSU Retirement Association board voted to eliminate the December meeting and will next meet on Jan. 14, 2011. 

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