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The CARMA Consortium Webcast Program is established to provide university faculty, graduate students and other researchers with advanced training in research methods and data analysis.

How to participate

To participate, a university becomes a member of the CARMA Consortium Webcast Program. The SDSU College of Business has paid for a six-month subscription to CARMA. Access to the CARMA Video Library begins at the time of registration and ends on Sept. 1, 2011. Registered CARMA users from 2010-2011 CARMA Consortium Webcast Program member organizations will receive a 50 percent discount for 2010 CARMA Short Courses.

For a university members, all faculty and students are eligible to view, as a group, a series of 10 lectures per program year by nationally recognized methodologists. Each lecture is delivered live (with video and audio) over the Internet. These lectures are targeted for an advanced doctoral-student level and will typically include an introduction to the topic, as well as a consideration of current technical issues. Emphasis is placed on the application of the research method technique. Prior to each lecture, background readings, references and Powerpoint slides for the presentation will be available on the CARMA website.

It is expected that the webcasts will typically be viewed by the group of faculty and students from a classroom or computer lab with an Internet connection and a projection device for a large screen. The webcast will be streamed using RealPlayer (from Real Media). This software is available at the CARMA website.

During the webcast, viewers are welcome to submit questions by e-mail. Presenters will respond to these questions as part of the webcast at the end of their formal lecture (all questions are read without mentioning the sender's name).
Each participating university will be allowed only one access point for each live webcast, but there is no limit as to how many faculty and/or students may view the webcast from the classroom with the access point. Faculty and students from different academic units on campus, such as business and psychology, are free to attend the webcast presentation in that same classroom.

Recorded webcasts

Recorded versions of the lectures will also be posted on the CARMA Video Library within two weeks after each lecture is given. Faculty and students from consortium universities will have individual access to these recorded versions at any time from any machine, as long as they are registered CARMA website users and they use an e-mail address provided by the organization, such as those ending in sdsu.edu.

Finally, in addition to having access to the live and recorded versions of the 10 lectures mentioned previously, universities participating in the Consortium Webcast Program will also have access to the CARMA Video Library, which now includes 62 recorded versions of additional webcast lectures originally presented at CARMA during previous consortium program years.

Access CARMA now

In order to have access to CARMA, visit the CARMA website and register using an SDSU e-mail address. Once registers, users have access to all the webcasts, including those in the library. Those who experience any difficulty in becoming a member should contact Lynn Shore at lshore@mail.sdsu.edu.

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