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  • 20th annual Borrego Springs Desert Escape
  • Silvery Anniversary Celebration
  • Board of directors update
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20th annual Borrego Desert Escape

Forty-six SDSU Retirement Association members attended the 20th annual Borrego Desert Escape at the Palm Canyon Resort this year. Many stayed the entire time, from Sunday, March 20, to Thursday, March 24. 

The weather was not ideal, but members stayed warm and dry in their regular meeting room, with tables for eight and a fire in the fireplace. After the evening meals, attendees told jokes, played bingo, Mexican Train dominoes, had an old fashioned sing-a-long and learned to play the ukulele. 

All of the bingo players contributed a white elephant prize for winners to choose from.

All meals were homemade by volunteers who set up, cooked and cleaned, so the only expense was the food itself. Members who attended reported having a great time at the annual event.

Silver Anniversary Celebration

The 25th Silver Anniversary Luncheon honoring charter members is progressing. Charter members will be treated to a complimentary meal at the Carlton Oaks Country Club on April 14. Speakers will make toasts and relate significant events since the association's official founding date on March 25, 1986. 

A special issue of the association newsletter, PostScript, edited by Jerry Koppman, professor emeritus in psychology, will be filled with highlights of significant events in the association’s history, including a special proclamation by San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. 

All members in attendance at the luncheon will receive a special 25th anniversary edition of PostScript. Those unable to attend will receive it in the mail shortly afterward.

Board of directors update

President Pat Koppman informed the board of directors that membership directory changes and additions will be announced in "Pat’s Patter," her one-page comment letter that accompanies every event announcement mailed to the membership.

Koppman also clarified that there will be no conflict between the association’s 25-year anniversary luncheon and President Stephen L. Weber’s farewell reception. Members wishing to attend both events will have ample time to get from Carlton Oaks Country Club to campus.
Faculty senator Gordon Shackelford commented on the enormous financial and budgetary threats to the university. According to Shackelford, budget cuts and fee increases are uncertain at this time.
Activities co-chair Ann LePage announced that the Valentine's Day luncheon at the remodeled Bali Hai restaurant was a huge success and earned $427 for the association's scholarship fund via bids on table centerpieces.
Activities co-chair Mary Nelson announced that annual events are scheduled for each of the remaining months of the academic year.
Benefits chair Tom Donahue is watching court cases that affect the pension/benefit system and will keep members posted. He and Koppman will attend the California State University Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association meeting in April.
Bylaws chair Dorothy Romano presented revisions to two previously discussed articles. Changes were accepted by the board.
Historian Lucille Wendling announced that the association is making history in the CSU system as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. The way that the anniversary is being celebrated, through the luncheon and special edition of the association newsletter, PostScript, has been recognized and commended by a number of retirement associations throughout the state.
Scholarships chair Joan Curry reported that 34 applications were received. Her committee will now hold interviews and make evaluations to determine which of the applicants receives a scholarship.
Gloria Ross, president of the SDSU Women’s Association, clarified the many things they will be doing to help out at the 25th anniversary luncheon. 


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