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SDSU Talks SDSU Rape & Sexual Violence Resources

Sexual Violence and Other Related Terms Defined

Sexual Violence means any physical sexual act (such as unwelcome sexual touching, sexual assault, sexual battery and rape) perpetrated against an individual without consent or against an individual who is incapable of giving consent due to that individual’s use of drugs or alcohol, or disability.

Sexual Assault is any non-consensual sexual act, such as unwanted oral, anal or vaginal intercourse, penetration of the anus or vagina with a foreign object, or unwanted touching on an intimate area of a person’s body. This can include unwanted kissing or bodily contact that is sexual in nature.

Rape is non-consensual intercourse that involves the threat of force, violence, immediate and unlawful bodily injury or threats of future retaliation and duress.

Consent for sexual contact means that an individual is a willing participant in the sexual act. Individuals are unable to give consent if incapacitated by the influence of drugs or alcohol or they suffer from a physical or mental disorder that makes them incapable of giving consent. Likewise, a minor is unable to give legal consent for sexual intercourse.

In order for a sexual act to be considered rape or sexual assault, the act must be non-consensual. For more definitions, please see the SDSU Title IX Notice of Non-Discrimination Booklet (PDF).

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