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San Diego State University

Student Affairs

Mentoring Assessment

Photo: student and teacher walking togetherHow do you know that you have developed an effective relationship with a mentor?

  • A faculty or staff member knows you well enough to write a letter of recommendation for you.
  • You have someone with whom you can discuss your questions about your major, career, graduate school or life.
  • You have someone whom you can trust, and someone who challenges and inspires you to personal and academic excellence.
  • You and your mentor touch base on a regular basis.
  • Your mentor has provided you with information and/or advice related to your academic and/or career interests.
  • Your conversations with your mentor help you feel more confident about your ability to make decisions related to your academic, personal and/or career goals.

How do you know that you have been an effective mentor?

  • You have connected your protégé to faculty and staff members on campus related to your protégé’s areas of interest.
  • Your protégé is knowledgeable, and has taken advantage of campus and other resources related to your his or her major and career interests.
  • You serve as a positive role model and challenge your protégé to aspire to personal and academic excellence.
  • You touch base with your protégé on a regular basis.
  • Your protégé knows what campus offices provide academic, career and/or personal assistance and support.