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Aztec Student Union update

 image: Aztec student union logo

The new Aztec Student Union is steadily moving towards its next construction milestone — “dry in” — which refers to making a building waterproof by enclosing the walls, roof, windows and doors.


Framing and Drywall

Photo: Aztec student union constructionFraming and drywall was installed on the north east side of the building, facing Student Services, and will continue in a clockwise fashion around the building, followed by other building materials that help create watertight walls. Framing and drywall installation is also occurring inside the building, especially in areas such as Aztec Lanes and Montezuma Hall.

Radiant Flooring

Radiant flooring, where heat is transferred via the floor, was installed in the union last month. The radiant flooring in Aztec Student Union is installed on the west side of the building on the first three floors, including the cafes, student organization offices and the A.S. offices. It is the largest installation of its kind in San Diego County, and will reduce those areas’ reliance on the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Photo: installing radiant flooringThe radiant flooring installation process starts with a layer of concrete, and then includes layers of insulation, waterproof sheeting, metal grids and plastic tubing, over which more concrete is poured. This top layer of concrete includes fibrous materials to help prevent cracking, which can happen when concrete expands and contracts. Eventually, the concrete flooring will be stained and finished as there will be no tile or carpeting covering it, as that would reduce its efficacy.

Stay Up To Date

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Photo: Student Union Construction