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photo: health expo booths

Find Healthy Options at Expo

Reyanne Mustafa, an Exercise and Nutrition Science major, interviewed Shantille Thompson, one of the coordinators of the upcoming Health Expo to find out more about the event – the interview is featured below. The Health Promotion Department and Students for Healthy Living worked together to plan “Health Expo: the Road to Wellness” to bring a variety of wellness resources to one location to benefit students.

The Health Expo is scheduled for April 17 from 10 am to 2:30 pm on Centennial Walkway in front of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union.

Reyanne: Can you give me a description of Health Expo: the Road to Wellness and really describe what it is?

Shantille: “We believe several dimensions of health work together and serve as the roadmap to achieving wellness. As you walk down Centennial Walkway at the Health Expo think of it as the beginning or continuation of your own wellness journey and explore the variety of vendors representing all aspects of health.”
Reyanne: How did the Health Expo come to be?

Shantille: “The Health Expo was created to increase student awareness about wellness-related issues, services, and products while promoting an overall healthy lifestyle. The goal is to inspire students to live more healthful lifestyles by introducing them to healthy options and information that is offered on campus and around the community. We have more than 50 on- and off-campus health-focused organizations coming to promote overall health on our campus!”
Reyanne: What is special about this year’s expo?

Shantille: “This year Students for Healthy Living and Health Promotion partnered with other student organizations to bring more attractions to the Health Expo. There will be keynote speakers who will talk about mastering your mindset to change the direction of your health, nutrition and fitness myths that are keeping you from feeling great in your body and mind, and how to get healthy on a budget while juggling a busy schedule. We are also having a blood drive during the expo. Free samples of nutritional foods, like Suja Juice and Perfect Bar, will also be available. There will be free massages, self defense demonstrations and exercise challenges. Finally, the culminating walk of StepMore SDSU will occur at the Expo.”
Reyanne: What are the benefits students will get out of attending the Health Expo?

Shantille: “The event will include information regarding nutrition, sexual health, alcohol & other drugs, body image, relationship violence, and stress tailored toward a college student’s lifestyle. We hope to introduce students to affordable wellness tools to increase their ability to live a more healthful lifestyle and encourage healthier lifestyle choices! San Diego has so many resources available; students just need to be more aware of them.”
Reyanne: There is talk of amazing networking and possible job opportunities being available at the expo this year. Is the talk true?

Shantille: “For the first time, we are encouraging students to bring their resume and embrace the Expo as a networking opportunity. Vendors are encouraged to seek internship candidates and promote their companies to students who want to gain  experience in the health field.”


Photo of Health Expo Flier