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Accounting Students


Are you looking for an internship or employment in accountancy after graduation? If so, you’ll want to interview this fall semester for opportunities with CPA firms, government agencies, and companies. To best prepare, please take the following steps:

STEP I:  Attend an Accounting Recruitment Prep Workshop 

Career Services in partnership with the Lamden School of Accountancy and Fowler College of Business Center for Student Success offers Accounting Recruitment Prep Workshops. This series will help prepare you for job searching, interviewing and networking. Incoming transfer students are especially encouraged to participate in these workshops.

STEP II: Review Accounting Recruitment Timeline and Guidelines for the Academic Year 2018/19.   

STEP III: Verify the accuracy and professionalism of your application materials.

The accounting profession emphasizes accuracy and professionalism. Employers expect the same of candidates looking to join their firms. Typos, outdated information, and mistakes work against your candidacy. In this highly competitive field, be sure all of your application materials are accurate and professional. Examples of application materials include:

  • Resume -- a resume guide (PDF) and templates (.docx) for undergraduate and graduate students can be found in the Aztec Career Connection Document Library
  • Transcripts—upload transcripts by copying and pasting your unofficial transcript into a Word document, and saving it into the “Documents” section of your Aztec Career Connection profile.

Note: Incoming transfer students, please upload an unofficial transcript from your previous institution.  

STEP IV: Apply online via Aztec Career Connection.

As you get ready to apply for employment opportunities, note that there are two separate types of opportunities with separate application processes. These two opportunities are: (1) Firm Tours during August 2018 through October 2018 and (2) On-Campus Interviewing for fall 2018 (for summer 2019 internships and full-time employment following graduation).

Be sure to note due dates, application requirements. Government agencies and other employers may hold an information session in Career Services prior to closing a recruitment. Be sure to attend to learn tips for applying for positions.

Firm Tours during August 2018 through October 2018:

Firm Tours will be listed in Aztec Career Connection as “[Firm Name] Firm Tour” (e.g., “KPMG Firm Tour”). Apply for these opportunities in the same manner that you would apply for employment opportunities. Firm tour opportunities are currently posted. Be sure to review these opportunities. In order to apply for positions via Aztec Career Connection, a resume must be uploaded into the “Documents” section. The majority of firm tours will occur in September. Some Friday tours will occur after the start of fall semester classes.  If invited to attend a tour you will still need to apply for an on-campus interview to qualify for internships and full-time opportunities. 

Please note that applying for and attending a firm’s tour is an important first step in receiving an on-campus interview.

Fall 2018 On Campus Interviewing: 

The majority of on-campus interviewing for accounting will occur between October 8 - November 2. Government agencies and other employers recruit using other timelines be sure to monitor your account in Aztec Career Connection for these opportunities.

Note: These jobs will have separate listings from the tours and require separate applications. Make sure you continually monitor job postings with Aztec Career Connection.

  • You must submit a resume to each posted job description in Aztec Career Connection. If the firm offers both audit and tax positions, please sign up for one interview only.
  • Some firms may provide a link in their job description for you to complete an application. Some firms may also request a transcript. Both the position descriptions and resume submission links are provided in the job listing within Career Services’ Aztec Career Connection. Be sure to follow directions in the job listing for best candidacy.  

If you need support with your application or with using Aztec Career Connection, Career Services has daily walk-in hours. Also, Career Services offers workshops throughout the semester to support your career development needs.

(Some files linked from this page require a PDF reader; you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader from here.)