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San Diego State University

Student Affairs

Diversity & Cultural Awareness

students at the program graduation ceremony
SDSU created the first Cultural Competency Certificate Program in the California State University system. Upon completion of this program, students are able to leverage their cultural competencies in order to better access new and emerging career areas.

Cultural Awareness is knowledge about and appreciation for different cultures, as well as your own. Link to:

Becoming more culturally aware helps you:

  • See the world through multiple perspectives
  • Enhance your communication and interpersonal skills
  • Model open mindedness
  • Understand and appreciate diverse communities
  • Explore your own cultural identity and how your cultural identity impacts your view of the world
  • Advance your career development through your knowledge and understanding of different cultures

Diversity and Cultural Awareness Resources

Diversity and social justice are high priorities for the Division of Student Affairs, and several offices within the division focus exclusively on diversity issues. The Center for Intercultural Relations takes the lead in promoting the appreciation of cultural diversity and fostering intercultural and cross-cultural understanding.

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The Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs believes in promoting a campus climate that values, accepts and learns from our rich diversity and fosters mutual respect.

Pledge Diversity

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Join the movement.
Commit to positive change.

Did You Know?

The Center for Intercultural Relations spearheads Heritage Month celebrations to honor the cultural contributions and accomplishments of underrepresented populations nationally.

Currently, Heritage Month celebrations are held for the following populations:

  • Chicano/Latino (Sept. 15 - Oct. 15)
  • Filipino (October)
  • Native American (November)
  • Black History (February)
  • Women's History (March)
  • LGBT Pride (April)
  • Asian/Pacific Islander (May)
Photo: Hispanic student group