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San Diego State University

Student Affairs

Ethical & Civic Responsibility Self-Assessment

Are you demonstrating ethical and civic responsibility?

  • Can you give examples of how you have acted with honesty, fairness, and integrity in your experiences at SDSU?
  • Photo: SDSU student group
  • If you live in the community, would those who live near you consider you to be a good neighbor?
  • What are your values?
  • Can you give examples of how your involvement at SDSU or the larger community reflects those values?
  • Have you voted in campus, local, state and national elections?
  • Have you attended lectures and activities on campus that were not a course requirement?
  • Have you read and understood the SDSU Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities?
  • Can you describe examples of how you demonstrated civic responsibility (e.g., community service, serving on committees, volunteerism)?