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San Diego State University

Well-being & Health Promotion - grow, thrive, flourish

Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Exercise

Learn lots of positive ways to get and stay healthy, including ways to dine healthy on campus, exercise resources on campus, and more!!

Well-being & Health Promotion Featured Recipes

From the office of Well-being & Health Promotion. Choose from a variety of recipes below. For additional recipies check out our Pinterest page.


  • Aztec Recreation Center
    Managed by Associated Students, the ARC offers a variety of fitness opportunities including group fitness, personal training, fitness orientation, and more. The Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union is home to a satellite ARC Express, offering more campus fitness opportunities.


  • One-on-one education
    Come to a nutrition education session to learn more about the areas of nutrition that interest you! Topics include meal planning, body image, reading food labels, grocery shopping on a budget, healthy eating on campus, and much more.

  • Nutrition presentations
    Learn about nutrition basics, healthy eating on campus, healthy eating using your meal plan, and cooking healthy in the kitchen

  • Eating healthy on campus workshops: Learn how easy it is to make healthy choices on campus!


General wellness topics: 


Good wellness habits

"By doing things such as sleeping well, staying active, eating nutritious foods and taking time to relax, you can feel better and improve your state of mind. Good wellness habits make the ordinary pressures of college life easier to handle."

— ULifeline

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