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San Diego State University

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Health & Wellness Resources at State: What do You Get with Your Tuition?


Photo: 3 SDSU students outside Calpulli CenterDid you know you have already paid a Student Health Fee in your tuition? This has given you access to a variety of health, wellness, and well-being resources across campus.

In this 50-minute presentation, you'll learn about what services and resources are offered, where they are located, and how to take advantage of them. 

Find out how to schedule this presentation for your student group!

In a nutshell!

Your  Student Health Fee gives you access to Calpulli Center and the departments housed there, including:

  • Board-certified providers including doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners
  • Medical support staff at Student Health Services
  • A competitively-priced, on-campus pharmacy
  • Counseling and therapy services
  • Assistance with disability accommodation
  • Health education
  • Off-campus referrals
  • Low-cost optometry, dental services, lab testing, and X-rays