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Mental and Emotional Health

While college can be an exciting time, "it can also be overwhelming and stressful. Depression, anxiety, substance use, and eating disorders are common mental health issues on college campuses."

 — American Psychiatric Association

Learn about campus resources that can help you maintain positive mental and emotional health during your years at SDSU.

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  • Alcohol and other drugs: Learn about resources on and off campus for help with issues related to alcohol and other drugs.
  • Sleep strategies: Learn how inadequate sleep detracts from student success, and get helpful suggestions for improving your quality of life through good sleep habits.



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Life as a student can be challenging.
Find strategies for stress management and relaxation.


Taking Control

"Taking control of your emotional health involves realizing that choices you make about sleep, diet and exercise can have a direct impact on your emotions and state of mind. It also means being proactive when you are concerned about your thoughts or feelings. When unaddressed, mental health problems like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and addiction can make it hard to do well or feel good. The good news is that these problems are treatable and getting help is the first step towards feeling better and moving forward."

— ULifeline

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Free informational fliers

Health Promotion offers a variety of free informational brochures and fliers on topics related to psychological well-being.

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Visit the American College Health Association Mental Health page for an index of resources on this topic. Resources include programs, publications, guidelines, and more.

Transition Year

It's common to assume that the major obstacle in adjusting to campus life will be academic. However, research shows that emotional issues are most likely to interfere with success at college. Transition Year helps you prepare.

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