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San Diego State University

Well-being & Health Promotion - grow, thrive, flourish

Our Mission

The Well-being & Health Promotion Department aims to enhance the well-being of SDSU students in order for them to achieve academic success and establish lifelong healthy behaviors and attitudes to reduce the risk for disease and injury.

Well-being & Health Promotion believes that students’ health is an integral part of their academic success. A student’s success can be derailed by poor choices that affect health and safety.

Often, alcohol and other drugs, reckless or dangerous behavior, and risky sexual behavior can lead to injuries, disease, legal trouble, and social circumstances that make continued academic progress difficult or impossible.

The department serves a preventative role to allow students to make more healthful and less risky decisions by:

  • Helping create a healthy campus and community environment
  • Assuring students know how and are motivated to make healthy decisions

We provide SDSU students with tools to succeed by offering health education to the campus community on:

Well-being & Health Promotion maintains a commitment to collaborative and integrated efforts to achieve student health.