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Nutrition Presentations

Photo: fruit and veggies arranged in the shape of a heartNutrition matters! For instance, eating a good breakfast affects how you feel, and can make your day energetic or sluggish depending on what you choose to eat (or not eat).

If you skip breakfast, you are more likely to be overly hungry later. And then, you’re more likely to overeat at lunch and/or dinner. No calories saved!

Do yourself a favor, and learn more about healthy eating habits!

SDSU Well-being & Health Promotion offers the following nutrition presentations:

Nutrition Basics:

This presentation gives an overview of the essentials of healthy eating. It covers the basics of calories, how to read a food label, what an actual serving size is, how to make your own healthy plate, skills and tips to incorporate healthy eating into your busy life and how to set achievable goals.

Healthy Eating on Campus Walking Tours

Whether you bring your own lunch or eat on campus, this walking tour is for you! Learn how easy it is to make healthy choices on campus, how to save money by meal planning, and ways you can be more in tune with your body.

  • Trader Joe's Grocery Store Tour*

    Join Well-being & Health Promotion for an interactive grocery store tour led by a Registered Dietitian! In addition, participants will receive a FREE Trader Joe’s Grocery Store Guide AND a FREE reusable grocery tote! (*Please note, these tours are for groups of less than 10 people at a time)

    During the tour, you will learn how to:

    • Best navigate the grocery store layout
    • Read and interpret the nutrition label and ingredient list
    • Shop for sales and local produce
    • Shop healthy on a budget
  • Aztec Union

    This workshop involves a healthy eating scavenger hunt at the following restaurants: Chipotle, The Habit, Oggi’s, Shakesmart & Aztec Market.

More Nutrition for Your Buck

Learn how to make healthy choices while sticking to your budget! During this interactive presentation we will discuss:

  • Common challenges to eating healthy on a budget.
  • How to “shop smarter” and save money at the grocery store.
  • Tips and resources for eating healthy on campus and at home.

Healthy Eating Using Your Meal Plan:

You can’t change the options available on campus, but you can learn how to make healthy choices using their meal plan. This interactive presentation gives students the chance to brainstorm healthy choices together and develop strategies to help them stay healthy during stressful times.

Cooking Healthy in the Kitchen:

With some key ingredients and the essential kitchen tools, students can prepare healthy, fast and budget friendly meals in their own kitchen. This presentation is specifically geared towards students that are new to cooking and interested in making nutritious, homemade food.

Photo: students attending nutrition presentation


How to request a nutrition presentation

Find out how to schedule a nutrition presentation for your student group!


Free informational fliers

Health Matters - nutritionWell-being & Health Promotion offers variety of free informational brochures and fliers on topics related to diet, exercise, and wellness.

“After attending a Health Nutrition workshop, I was amazed at all the choices and requests that I could make when ordering my food. Also, I discovered that eating healthy is cheap and that it only takes simple planning and reading the label."

— Comment from a Delta Sigma student who attended a "Healthy Eating on Campus" Workshop