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San Diego State University

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Public Safety - University Police

The SDSU Police Department is charged with safeguarding the campus community through proactive professional law enforcement and service delivery.  The department provides a variety of services including blue emergency phones located around campus and a rape and sexual assault workshop.

Rape and sexual assault workshop

Photo: Rape and Sexual Assault Workshop Public Safety offers a "Rape and Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Workshop" for the university community.

The workshop teaches defensive techniques against various types of assault using easy, effective and proven self-defense/martial arts tactics.

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Staying safe on campus


For more information, visit the SDSU Police Department website.


Victims of sexual assault

Find out what to do if you or a friend becomes the victim of a sexual assault on or off campus.

Your safety at SDSU

SDSU is committed to providing a safe and healthy campus environment for all students. Learn about some of the campus resources in place to safeguard students and the SDSU community at large.

Emergency preparedness

SDSU has established emergency preparedness, response, and recovery guidelines for students, faculty, staff, and others so the effects of campus emergency situations can be minimized. Visit SDSU's Emergency Preparedness website to learn more.