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San Diego State University

Center for Intercultural Relations, African Diaspora Resource Area

African Diaspora Resource Area



  • To serve as a vehicle for self-expression and leadership enhancement to students of African descent through the vehicles of workshops, seminars, and leadership opportunities
  • To promote campus-wide understanding of the unique contributions of students of African descent to the life and culture of the campus, the nation and indeed the world.


  • To encourage within the students a growing sense of pride and dignity based on their rightful cultural heritage, and to assist them in acquiring a growing cultural awareness.
  • To assist the University community in understanding the relevance, efficacy and the strength of the African/African American experience in terms which will encourage non-African/African Americans to understand and appreciate the importance of diversity.
  • To assume a pro-active position in issues affecting students of African descent enrolled in or considering admission to the University.
  • To develop cultural and educational programs which will assist and support students of African decent and other students enrolled at the University.
  • To provide opportunities for all students to engage in the vital cultural and social experience of meeting, interacting with, and learning from students of diverse backgrounds.