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J-1 Student Employment

Academic Training


  • This information applies only to J-1 students who have been issued a DS-2019 form by San Diego State University. Students who have a DS-2019 from ISEP, Fulbright, or any other sponsoring agency must contact their sponsor directly for information on academic training.
  • It is illegal to begin employment before your academic training is authorized.

What is academic training?

Academic training is a type of off-campus work authorization that allows J-1 students to participate in employment, internships, or practicum in the student’s major field of study that will enhance or enrich the academic knowledge with practical experience. It is considered to be an integral and important part of the overall experience for international students, and you are encouraged to engage in some type of academic training.

When can I participate in academic training?

The training may be taken during the course of study, after completion of your course of study, or a combination of these. If participating after your course of study please keep the following in mind:

  • Academic Training authorization must be processed before your official academic program completion date. Review application period section below.
  • Employment/internship must begin within the first 30 days after the official academic program completion date.


Will I be paid?

Academic training may be paid or unpaid. If you are interested, make an appointment to talk with your International Student Advisor to explore prospective training opportunities and whether they may meet the requirements of the J regulations.


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Information for Academic Department or Graduate Advisor


You must have a Social Security number to work in the U.S. After you have been authorized for academic training, follow these instructions to get a Social Security Number.

Thursday, October 1, 2015
One workshop is offered each semester where students learn how to extend their J-1 Visa for internships and how to search and apply for academic-based internships. Learn more.