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Immigration: Visa
Maintaining your visa status.

Enrollment Requirements

Full-time enrollment requirement

U.S. immigration regulations require international students to be enrolled full-time each semester. SDSU students must fulfill the full-time enrollment requirement during the fall semester and the spring semester of each academic year.

What is full-time enrollment?

Full-time enrollment consists of a minimum of 12 units each semester for undergraduate students, and a minimum of 9 units each semester for graduate students. Undergraduate and graduate students may participate in one online class for a maximum of 5 units OR participate in multiple online classes that add up to a maximum of 3 units in order to be considered fully enrolled.

Must I take summer courses?

SDSU students are not required to enroll in summer session to maintain full-time enrollment status if they will be enrolling the following fall semester. It is a vacation period.

How to request a reduced course load (less than full-time enrollment)

The SDSU International Student Center has developed strict procedures that students must follow to receive approval for less than full-time enrollment. Learn if you can take fewer courses by submitting an Application for Reduced Course Load (ARCL).

Leave of absence

International degree-seeking students are allowed to take a leave of absence from SDSU for one or more semesters as long as they meet certain requirements. In this case, since you will not be enrolled, you will not be able to remain in the U.S. in F-1 or J-1 student status. Learn how to request a leave of absence.

Concurrent enrollment

F-1 and J-1 degree-seeking students are allowed to enroll concurrently at more than one academic institution provided the combined enrollment equals a full course of study. Learn more.

Focus on your studies

If your GPA drops too low, you could be academically disqualified. If this happens, you will be unable to enroll in courses, so you will be unable to maintain your student visa status. Please speak with an advisor if this applies to you.

How to Clear Holds

If you see a registration hold in your SDSU web portal, you will not be able to register in courses. The "F Hold" is set by the ISC if you have not purchased health insurance. An "I Hold" is set by Student Health Services if you have not shown proof of your immunizations. To ensure that you can register in the courses you want, please get these holds removed before you have to register.