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Forms for International Students

Note: All of the following forms are in PDF format, and to view them you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above.  (Download Adobe Acrobat Reader, if needed.)

Please print forms, complete the required information, and submit completed forms to the International Student Center. Emailed copies are not accepted.  Note that these forms can be printed but cannot be saved.

    • Financial Statement Form - for New Degree-seeking Students 
      All admitted international students requiring an F-1 student visa must submit this form and supporting financial documents to provide evidence of funding for one academic year. An I-20 will be issued AFTER financial documents are approved by SDSU Office of Admissions.
  • Application for Reduced Course Load (ARCL)
    All international students must maintain a full course load each semester, with some exceptions. Use this form to apply to the ISC for a reduced course load by Friday of the second week of classes.

  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Record Form
    Please read the CPT information on the ISC website first to ensure you are eligible for CPT. To apply for CPT, you are required to fill out this CPT Record Form. Your faculty advisor, undergraduate/graduate advisor, or academic advisor must complete the second section and sign it. Please bring this form along with your job offer letter to the ISC during Walk-in Hours every Wednesday from 1:30-3:30 PM or to an appointment to request CPT work authorization.
  • Note for I-765 Application
    Include this note with your I-765 application to USCIS for Pre-Completion OPT, Post-Completion OPT, and STEM OPT.
  • OPT STEM 24-Month Extension Guide
    Before applying for the 24-month OPT STEM Extension, read this guide for eligibility information, forms and instructions. Then submit the required documents to the ISC at least 3 weeks before your current Post-Completion OPT ends.
  • OPT STEM 24-Month Extension I-765 Application Guide
    This is a helpful guide that you can use when completing the I-765 application for the 24-Month OPT STEM Extension. This guide is not for students applying for the first year of OPT (Post-Completion OPT).
  • OPT Update Form
    As an F-1 student on Post-Completion Optional Practical Training, you are required to submit all employment information and any changes to that information, as well as changes to your personal information (U.S. address, U.S. phone number, email address) to us on our OPT Update Form within 10 days of the change. The information you enter will be sent to your SEVIS record to maintain your F-1 status.
  • J-1 Academic Training Record Form
    When applying for Academic Training as a J-1 student, you are required to submit this form, along with your department's recommendation, to the ISC advisor with whom you are working.
  • Request for Letter to Sponsor
    Use this form if you are a sponsored student from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, or UAE and need a letter for your scholarship.
  • Social Security Verification Form
    This form certifies that you are an F-1 or J-1 student attending San Diego State University and that you have been offered on-campus employment. This form must be signed by the ISC before you apply for a Social Security Number.
  • Transfer Out Form 
    Students transferring to another institution must submit this form and the acceptance letter from the new school to the ISC. Allow a minimum of 5 business days for processing. Students who have not graduated from SDSU must also meet with an ISC advisor.

  • Release of Information to Sponsor
    International sponsored students must complete and submit this form to the ISC so we can provide academic or other information to the student's sponsoring agency, parent, or other sponsor.
  • F-1 Petition to Approve Alternate Health Insurance Policy 
    The ISC requires students to have a current health insurance policy that meets specific requirements. Use this petition to see if your alternate policy meets all requirements listed. If it does, complete the petition and submit it with evidence of coverage to request that it be approved by the ISC. Most alternate policies do not meet the requirements.
  • J-1 Petition to Approve Alternate Health Insurance Policy 
    The ISC requires students to have a current health insurance policy that meets specific requirements, and only policies listed on this petition will be approved. If your policy is listed, complete the petition and submit it with evidence insurance coverage. Policies not listed on the petition will not be approved.
  • ISC Application for Employment
    Apply to work in the International Student Center. Positions are available only to international undergraduate students or students eligible for Federal Work Study.

  • ISC Mentor Program
    We are always looking for experienced SDSU student mentors who are passionate about motivating and empowering other students to be successful.
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