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Health Insurance for International Students

Why you need insurance

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Medical care in
the U.S. is costly


SDSU requires you to have
health insurance

Medical care in the U.S. is extremely expensive. Treatment costs for a simple broken wrist can exceed $500. A routine surgical procedure, such as an appendectomy, can cost as much as $10,000. Without insurance, you might experience financial ruin resulting from a serious accident or illness. This could prevent you from completing your studies in the U.S.

As an international student, you are not eligible for any federal or state welfare assistance, and if you are uninsured, you are held legally responsible for paying all your medical expenses.


San Diego State University, a part of the California State University system, requires that all international students maintain valid health insurance coverage during their studies.

Therefore, all F-1 and J-1 students are required to purchase the pre-approved policy offered by JCB Insurance Solutions in order to satisfy the California State University insurance requirement.


How to purchase health insurance


Purchasing JCB health insurance will clear your F Hold

SDSU automatically places an insurance hold (F Hold) on your class registration each semester. This prevents you, as an international student, from being able to register for classes. To clear your insurance hold, you must purchase the JCB Insurance Solutions Policy. It will take 3 business days after you purchase the JCB health insurance for your F Hold to be cleared, which will then allow you to register for classes.

What are YOUR specific health insurance requirements?

Find information about health care requirements for:

The International Student Center:

Contact the ISC if you have any questions or need help getting health insurance.

Proof of Insurance

You must provide proof that you have purchased adequate health insurance coverage before you may register for classes at SDSU.

Understanding & Using JCB Health Insurance 

Learn about the US health insurance system, important insurance vocabulary, and how to use your JCB health insurance on our YouTube channel!