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Health & Safety for International Students

Your Safety at SDSU

Safety has always been a concern for international students. After arriving in a foreign country, you must adapt to your new environment and behave in ways that will keep you and your possessions safe.

ISC safety advice

To help insure your personal safety, the International Student Center advises you to:

  • Be alert:  Wherever you travel, always be observant of your surroundings. Glance around you from time to time, and remain aware of others in your vicinity. Don't wear earbuds when you are traveling or walking in public. Law enforcement agencies state that many crimes could be averted if people would be more alert to their surroundings.
  • Don't walk alone at night: Whether you are on campus or off campus, it’s best to walk in pairs or groups. Parking and Trasnportation Services provides a Red & Black Shuttle program as well as various transportation options and resources when you leave the library, lab or must walk to your car after dark.
  • Keep your valuables safe: Theft is one of the most common crimes on and off campus. Do not leave your personal belongings on a desk in the library and walk away, even for a moment. A thief can quickly steal your personal computer, purse, wallet, cell phone, etc. Never leave valuables in an unlocked car. Even if doors are locked, a thief can break the window. Keep valuables locked in the trunk or otherwise hidden from view.

SDSU works to keep students safe

In addition to after-dark escort service, SDSU provides a variety of other safety services, including the following:

  • The SDSU Police Department maintains around 100 “blue-light” emergency phones throughout the campus. These phones provide immediate access to Police Department at the push of a button.
  • Parents and family members may subscribe to SDSU's Emergency Alert System to receive a text or email in the event of any emergency or safety concern on campus.
  • Link to more information about student safety at SDSU.