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What is a sponsored student? 

A sponsored student is an international student whose program is funded by an international government or agency such as, but not limited to, Kuwait Cultural, Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, Embassy of the State of Qatar, and Embassy of Sultanate of Oman.

Sponsors set specific requirements for students to maintain their sponsorship and the ISC has a dedicated team to support students and sponsors during their time at SDSU.


How can we help you?


The ISC acts as a liaison between SDSU, sponsored students, and sponsors, providing specialized support to all stakeholders navigating through the complexities of student sponsorship requisites, immigration, and academic wellbeing.


  • Supporting Sponsorship Requirements
    • Generating reports
    • Completing forms
    • Communicating with academic advisors and various departments
    • Study plan review
    • Verification Letters
    • Support Letters


  • Meeting and maintaining important immigration regulations

  • Counseling, Advising, and Socialization
    • Workshops
    • Virtual and in-person meetings
    • Special Events
    • Documentation
    • 1:1 advising 


    Important: Per FERPA regulation, students must sign and submit a Release of Information Form. The release of Information is valid throughout the student studies at SDSU.


    Kuwait Cultural - Consulate General of the State of Kuwait Sponsorship

    All forms can be found under the Forms for International Students webpage.

    • Letter to Take Classes Outside SDSU

    Students who wish to take classes outside SDSU may request a letter from the International Student Center (ISC) by completing the form below. Include a valid reason if the request is for Kuwait Cultural.


    • Letter About Class that Needs to be Retaken or Was Retaken

    Students who need to retake a class or did retake a class and are directed by their Kuwait Cultural Office Advisor to obtain a letter from the ISC explaining the reason, please complete the form below:

    • Verification of Enrollment

    This request is processed by the Registrar’s Office. Click on the link below and follow the instructions on the  Verify Enrollment or Verify Degree  webpage and complete the following form:

    • Verification of Non-Traditional Courses - VONTC (formerly the Online Course Audit) 

    For completed Verification of Non-Traditional Courses complete the form below. Students who took classes outside SDSU will need to contact the other school for a completed VONTC for those classes.


    Please note the following exception: Students who are enrolled at SDSU in Fall 2021 are required to have the VONTC sent from SDSU to their Kuwait Cultural Office (KCO) Advisor by October 1. However, these students will not need to complete the ISC’s Request Form, as the ISC obtains a list from KCO and will automatically send your Verification of Non-Traditional Courses to your KCO Advisor by October 1. If after October 2 your KCO Advisor has not received your VONTC, please complete the ISC’s Kuwaiti Government Sponsored Student Request Form.

    Study Plan

    General Information for All Majors

    When completing your Study Plan:


    • Download this editable Study Plan PDF and use it to complete your Study Plan.
    • At the top of page 1 write your: 
      • Name
      • Kuwait Cultural Office ID#
      • SDSU Red ID#
      • Major
      • School name
      • Prospective Date of Graduation
      • Total Number of Credits Required to earn your degree


    • Under Projected Course of Study:
      • Start with the current semester/term of enrollment and list the classes you are enrolled in for this semester/term. 
      • You do not need to include courses taken in past semesters/terms. 
      • List all semesters/terms that you will study. 
      • Add the course number and the number of units for each course that you plan to take in that semester/term.
      • Include courses that you are enrolled in or will enroll in at other schools under the appropriate term
      • Add a note next to the course that you plan to take outside SDSU. 
      • If you have a course that you took outside SDSU and has not been added to your Degree Evaluation yet, be sure to include:
        • the course, 
        • the term that you took it in, and 
        • the school that you took it in,
        • with a note that the transfer credit for that course is pending.
    • When completing the Study Plan, you will need your entire Degree Evaluation. The "Printer-Friendly" version is easily saved as a PDF after you access it.
    • If you need help understanding the Degree Evaluation to know which classes you need to add to your Study Plan and which terms to add them to, you can do the following:

    • After your Study Plan is signed, an ISC staff will email the signed Study Plan to your Kuwait Cultural Office Advisor and copy you on the email so you know it’s been sent.

    How to Submit a Study Plan for Signature

    Students should first complete their Study Plan and then upload it, along with a PDF of their entire Degree Evaluation to the following form:


    Additional Information for Engineering Majors

    The Center for Student Success in Engineering will host three workshops in September via Zoom to help you learn about the different advising tools available and how to understand your Degree Evaluation. Attending one of these workshops will help you plan your courses for Spring 2022 and future semesters, as well as provide information to those who are required to complete a Study Plan. Click here for more information about these workshops.


    Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) Students

    SACM-sponsored students may be required to submit letters to SACM to approve financial guarantees and to ensure they are meeting SACM’s sponsorship requirements. Please, complete the form below for all SACM requests.

    Here are some of the most common requests:

    Enrollment Verification Letters 

    Students who need an official Enrollment Verification Letter may request it from the Registrar’s Office by following the instructions on their Verify Enrollment or Verify Degree webpage and completing the “Request for Enrollment Verification Form”.


    Sponsored Students from United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar

    If you are sponsored by another government entity such as the United Arab Emirates, Embassy of Sultanate Oman, or Embassy of the State of Qatar and need further assistance regarding a matter with your sponsorship, please contact the with your questions and make sure to include you are a sponsored student from one of these entities.


    Enrollment Verification Letters 

    Students who need an official Enrollment Verification Letter may request it from the Registrar’s Office by following the instructions on their Verify Enrollment or Verify Degree webpage and completing the “Request for Enrollment Verification Form”.