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San Diego State University

Student Affairs

Involvement & Leadership

Photo: students at a leadership retreatBuild and expand skills from experiences in and out of the classroom. Apply theories to real world settings.

Involvement is your committed participation in activities on and off campus such as clubs and organizations, community service, research with a professor, lectures and fine arts, civic and religious organizations and others, where you commit your time, energy and dedication. Leadership is using your skills, talents and vision to motivate others toward a common goal.

By becoming involved, you will:

Photo: Student Leadership activity
Get involved, make new friends, learn about yourself, and grow as a leader.

  • Explore your personal leadership style
  • Identify and build your leadership skills
  • Enhance your communication and interpersonal skills
  • Feel more a part of the SDSU community
  • Meet students and others from backgrounds different from your own
  • Interact with campus leaders, faculty, staff and campus administrators
  • Gain valuable experience for your resume for graduate school or a job
  • Be able to apply what you learn in class to your activities on and off campus
  • Be more prepared for a leadership role in your organization, job, and/or in your community

Photo: students at a leadership retreatUse your skills, talents and vision to motivate others toward a common goal.

Involvement = Success

Each SDSU student is a success story waiting to happen.  Students who are involved in campus organizations and activities are more likely to enjoy their college experience and make meaningful social connections. These students also have higher grade point averages and are more likely to graduate on time!

Student Life & Leadership

Student Life and Leadership (SLL) is a department of the Division of Student Affairs.  It's committed to helping students like you make the most of your campus experience. Round out your own academic achievements by actively participating in SDSU life. Step up and join a community service program, get involved in a student organization, or make a difference by becoming a campus leader. Take advantage of the many opportunities student life has to offer!

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The Division of Student Affairs

Photo: Students holding up SDSU signThe Division of Student Affairs strives to develop leaders who believe in and work toward civility, mutual respect and diversity and to expand opportunities for student involvement in a variety of campus, local, regional and international experiences. 

Leadership Starts Here

SDSU leadership starts here logo

"At San Diego State, Leadership Starts Here is a bold statement of the university’s ethos. It is a promise fulfilled by the many contributions of our alumni, faculty, staff, community partners and students." [more]

~SDSU President Elliot Hirshman

Did You Know?

Photo: student enjoys aerial activities

All students can jump-start their campus involvement each new semester by participating in these important SDSU traditions: Welcome Week and Aztec Nights.