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San Diego State University

Student Ability Success Ctr

Housing Accommodations

The Student Ability Success Center (SASC) and the Office of Housing Administration (OHA) work together to provide disability-related housing accommodations to students with verified disabilities.  If you would like to be considered for disability-related housing accommodations please review the procedure located below.


Procedure for Requesting Housing Accommodation(s):

  1. Apply for On-Campus housing
  2. Apply for services with the Student Ability Success Center
  3. Complete the online Housing Accommodations Request Form
  4. Your request will be reviewed by the Housing Accommodation Committee. You will receive a notification by email of the Committee's decision. 

Please note:

  • Students must have applied for SDSU University Housing via the Office of Housing Administration & Residential Education website.
  • Students must be eligibile for university-owned housing and meet deadlines and payments as established by the Office of Housing Administration. If you are concerned about your housing eligibility, please consult the Office of Housing Administration.
  • Housing accommodations are based on a documented disability need and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.