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San Diego State University

Student Ability Success Ctr

Student Ability Success Center (SASC) Virtual Operation During COVID-19 Pandemic


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SASC Main Contact Information 
Virtual Front Desk
Counseling Appointments for Current SASC Students 
Virtual Test Accommodation Center
Virtual High Tech Center
Virtual TRIO Student Support Services 
WorkAbility IV
Cart Services
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Access
Media Captioning/Audio Description


SASC Main Contact Information

Phone: (619) 594-6473 (leave a voicemail and a staff member will contact you within 24 business hours)
Fax: (619) 594-4315
All SASC offices will be operating virtually. 


Virtual Front Desk

For general SASC information and appointment scheduling.
Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-3:00pm
Access the virtual front desk here:

Counseling Appointments for Current SASC Students


To schedule a phone/virtual meeting with your SASC counselor, please email your counselor directly (contact information below), or schedule an appointment through SASC Connect (

 Jonathan Ramirez
Lead SASC Counselor


Lynn Gagne
SASC Counselor

Tina Little
SASC Counselor


Virtual Test Accommodation Center

As the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated shifting our services from our physical facility to an online-based service, our Virtual Test Accommodation Center is available to support you in ensuring your approved accommodations are being made for your exams. 

Please check out our website for steps on how to submit your accommodations to your instructors as well as schedule email reminders for your instructors for each of your exams for the semester:

If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to assist you. You can reach out to us via email at

Peter Vu

Testing Accommodations Coordinator 


Virtual High Tech Center

The High Tech Center (HTC) staff is available for phone or Zoom intakes/meetings. We evaluate software/hardware options for your Alternative Media and Assistive Technology accommodations. In addition, HTC staff and student assistants convert instructional materials into various accessible formats, and provide software and hardware training in the use of alternative media and assistive technology.

You can contact the HTC at

Severino Reyes

Coordinator, HTC/Alternative Media and Assistive Technology 


Virtual TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO is operating virtually. Students may contact the appropriate staff member via email for assistance in tutoring or advising. Additionally, TRIO will host virtual events and workshops such as TRIO Chat, which is a virtual meeting held every Wednesday from 1 - 2 PM, where TRIO participants can join us on Zoom to ask questions or express any concerns to TRIO staff and mentors, and participate in TRIO staff/ mentor led workshops. TRIO participants may access the Zoom link for TRIO Chat via their Blackboard account. Lastly, TRIO mentoring is available. TRIO participants may contact their mentor via email.

Teresa Spoulos, Ed.D.
TRIO-SSS Project Director
Mariela Melendrez Rodriguez
TRIO-SSS Project Advisor
Steve Haslem
TRIO-SSS Tutor Coordinator 


WorkAbility IV

WorkAbility IV (WAIV) staff will be working virtually until further notice. Please contact us at if we can help in any way!

Completing a degree is only one step in the launching of your career.  Identifying your career goal and choosing a major, getting and completing an internship, establishing contacts in your field, and obtaining a professional level position all takes careful planning and consideration. WorkAbility IV offers individual appointments (currently via zoom or phone) with a WAIV counselor, while working on your degree and also after graduation, to guide you along your journey!  Please visit our website to learn more or contact Shannon Williams-Morris to apply for WorkAbility IV:

Shannon Williams-Morris
WAIV Program Assistant  


Cart Services

Mobility services are available for in-person courses only, as needed for students registered with SASC who are approved for cart services .

To set up a pick-up/drop-off schedule, please email Tracy Tanga. 

Tracy Tanga
Special Services Coordinator  


Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Access

SASC continues to provide ASL interpreting and real-time captioning for in-person courses as well as for online courses. SDSU event programmers and coordinators may also request these services to accommodate deaf and hard-of-hearing attendees. To request services, please complete the following form for each course/event: 

Amber Graves
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Access Coordinator


Media captioning/audio description

Media captioning and audio descriptions will continue to be processed for SASC students who are approved for this accommodation.

SASC also works with SDSU departments to caption or audio-describe videos for University-wide events. For those situations, the turn-around time is generally 7-10 business days from the date that the request is placed, but depending on the length of the media, this may take more time.

Elizabeth Crosthwaite
Accommodations Specialist for Media Accessibility 


SDSU Flex Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently enrolled in an in-person course(s) but I am unable to attend due to COVID-related concerns, who should I contact? 

Students who are unable to attend an in-person course during the spring 2021 semester due to COVID-related concerns should complete the following form to request a letter from Student Ability Success Center (SASC) that the student can share with their instructor and their Assistant Dean to request academic arrangements: SDSU Flex - Request for SASC Letter Regarding In-Person Attendance

Once the form has been submitted the student will receive a letter from SASC within five (5) business days of the submission date. The letter will be emailed to the email address provided in the form submission. 

Once the student has received the letter, they should provide it to their instructor and assistant dean in their college as soon as possible in order for the appropriate arrangements to be made with your scheduled course. If you decide to drop or postpone taking the impacted course for a later semester, you are strongly encouraged to work with your academic advisor to understand if there will be any impacts on your academic progress. 

Academic arrangements that are made due to COVID-related concerns are temporary and only for the spring 2021 semester. Students who may require other academic accommodations during spring 2021 and beyond due to their own disability or medical condition should also register with SASC to establish approved accommodations for virtual and in-person courses. To start the registration process, please follow the steps on our website:

To learn more about SDSU’s plans for Spring 2021, visit the SDSU Flex site. 

What if I am unable to attend an in-person course, will I be able to complete the course virtually? 

Faculty, advisors, and assistant deans will work together to provide reasonable accommodations or arrangements, including exploring options for course substitution or, in the case of face-to-face lab and clinical courses, deferral. All in-person courses were carefully selected due to the pedagogical (teaching and learning) needs of the course content. It has been determined that the student learning outcomes associated with the specific course are best met through in-person delivery. Therefore, while faculty and the Student Ability Success Center will work to identify possible arrangements and accommodations for students who may not be able to attend portions of an in-person course, in some cases the instructor may not be able to provide an all-virtual option for a student. Students in this situation are strongly encouraged to talk with their academic advisor and/or the assistant dean in their college to understand if there will be an impact on their academic progress should they delay taking the course, or otherwise drop the course for the fall semester.  


 SASC Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for services if SASC is operating virtually?

In order to become eligible to receive academic accommodations students must register for services with our office, Student Ability Success Center (SASC).

The SASC application process requires that you submit a SASC Application form and Disability Verification form and/or documentation verifying a diagnosis. You can find these forms on our webpage:

The Application for Services may also be completed online through SASC’s online accommodations portal, SASC Connect. The SASC Connect application form will require new applicants to upload disability verification with the application.

Physical forms/documents can be emailed to (preferably in Word or PDF format), or faxed to 619-594-4315


How do I submit paperwork to SASC?

Completed forms/documents can be emailed to (preferably in Word or PDF format), or faxed to 619-594-4315.

Our mail is currently on hold due to the pandemic. Please refrain from mailing any documentation to our office as we will not receive it in a timely manner.

How do I get my accommodation letters and send them to my instructors?

Accommodation letters can be downloaded directly from SASC Connect once the Self Registration procedures are completed for each course. Please keep in mind that courses will not appear in SASC Connect until the semester has begun (typically a few days prior to the first day of classes).

Once accommodations are approved for each course, the accommodation letters will be available for viewing by your instructors. They will receive an automated email instructing them to log in to SASC Connect to view each letter. 


How do I submit a Housing accommodation request or a request to cancel my Housing contract?

In order to be considered for housing accommodations students must register for services with our office, Student Ability Success Center (SASC).

The SASC application process requires that you submit a SASC Application form and Disability Verification form and/or documentation verifying a diagnosis. You can find these forms on our webpage here:

Completed forms/documents can be emailed to

After you have submitted your SASC Application you will also need to submit a Housing Accommodation Request form in order to initiate your request for housing accommodations or contract release.

You can also visit the following webpage for more information about housing contract cancellations: 


Last updated: 8/14/2020 


San Diego State University is following the guidelines of county, state and federal public health officials and other authorities as it continues its academic and research mission during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the university’s COVID-19 site and SDSU Flex site for more information.