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San Diego State University

Student Ability Success Ctr

Downloadable Forms

Application Forms

  • Application for Services (all students) [Word / PDF]
  • Disability Questionnaire (for LD, ADHD, ABI, or Psychological Disorder) [Word / PDF]

Disability Verification Forms

The forms below must be completed by an appropriate licensed professional. Each form states the guidelines for documentation, followed by the form to be completed.

  • Learning Disability [Word / PDF]
  • AD/HD [Word / PDF]
  • Psychological Disability [Word / PDF]
  • Deaf or Hard-of-hearing [Word / PDF]
  • Visual Limitation [Word / PDF]
  • Physical Disability: Mobility or Health-related [Word / PDF]

Authorization for Release of Information

  • Authorization for Release of Information from SASC [Word / PDF]
  • Authorization for Release of Information from Outside Agency [Word / PDF]

TRiO Student Support Services Forms

  • Application Form for SSS Services [Word]
  • Writing Assistance for Take-home Exams Request Form [Word]

WorkAbility IV Forms

  • WorkAbility IV Referral [PDF]
  • Department of Rehabilitation Medical Release [Word]
  • Department of Rehabilitation Non-Medical Release [Word]
  • Department of Rehabilitation Application for Services [PDF]
  • Employment Record [Word]
  • Health Questionnaire [Word]

Other SASC Forms and Documents

  • Accommodations Request for National Exams [Word / PDF]
  • Audio Recording Contract [Word / PDF]
  • Cart Service Request [Word / PDF]
  • Cart Service Pickup Points [Word / PDF]
  • Cart Service Agreement [Word / PDF]
  • Request for Waiver of Campus Parking Fee 2018 - 2019 [PDF]
  • Request for Waiver of Campus Parking Fee 2019 - 2020 [PDF]
  • Closed Captioning Authorization Form [Word / PDF]
  • Test Accommodation Center Policy & Procedures [PDF]

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