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San Diego State University

Student Ability Success Ctr


Student Ability Success Center  will provide specialized furniture if standard desks or tables in your classroom do not meet a student’s needs.  Examples of specialized furniture are:

  • Adjustable height table-desks to accommodate a wheelchair & students who are unable to sit
  • Desk-tables with free-standing chairs (in lieu of a chair/desk combo)

If a student in your class appears to be in need of specialized furniture, please ask them to contact Student Ability Success Center. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Furniture placed in classrooms is there for the semester only. It remains the property of Student Ability Success Center and will be retrieved by SASC at the end of the semester.

Please do not move our furniture to another location or use it for another purpose!!

If you see furniture being moved, please be kind and let us know by contacting Tracy Tanga at (619) 594-0402 or!