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San Diego State University

Student Ability Success Ctr

Getting Started with the Student Ability Success Center

Students Currently Enrolled At SDSU

Currently enrolled students at SDSU can visit Applying to the Student Ability Success Center to determine which forms and documents you should complete and submit.

Information Appointment
Prospective students interested in meeting with a Student Ability Success Center Staff Representative can call 619-594-6473.

Students Who Have Been Accepted to SDSU and Plan to Attend

Once notice of provisional admission has been received and you have decided to accept the offer of admission to SDSU, it is time to apply for services from the Student Ability Success Center (SASC).  We recommend that you apply to SASC as early as possible to assure that accommodations are in place by the time you begin your academic journey with us. 

Please visit Applying to the Student Ability Success Center to learn about the process to apply to SASC.

Prospective SDSU Students

All individuals applying to SDSU must meet the admissions criteria to be considered eligible for entrance to the university. SDSU offers an optional process for students with verified disabilities who wish to request special consideration during the standard undergraduate admissions process. It is established to provide consideration for cases in which an applicant's documented disability or related circumstances may have had an impact on their academic profile, grades, or other factors considered in the admissions process. This special consideration process typically begins in October and runs through January. 

Learn more about university requirements for admission to SDSU

If a prospective student is denied admission to SDSU, an appeal may be submitted to the University Admissions Appeals Committee illustrating how the disability has affected academic performance. 

Learn more about SDSU’s Admissions Appeals Process.