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San Diego State University

Student Ability Success Ctr

Laws and Policies

Learn how to resolve a dispute in issues regarding student disabilities.

The Rights of Students with Disabilities

To get a general overview of disability and compliance on the SDSU campus, see the Office of Employee Relations & Compliance, which covers topics such as:

  • How does the law protect students with disabilities?
  • What is a disability?
  • What is an institution's obligation toward students with disabilities?
  • What are the rights of a student with a disability at SDSU?

California State University (CSU) Policies and Guidelines

Voter Registration Assistance

As a California State University (CSU) office that provides services to students with disabilities, the California Secretary of State Office has designated Student Ability Success Center (SASC) as a National Voter Rights Act (NVRA) agency.

This provices SDSU students who are applying for SASC services the opportunity to register to vote on-line by using the following link: 

Our counselors are also available to assist SASC students who prefer to schedule an appointment, and complete the printed mail-in voter registration form with reasonable disability related accommodations. For further information, please call 619-594-6473 or  visit the SASC office at Calpulli Center, Suite 3101.   

Student Confidentiality

Student Ability Success Center practices the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which is a law that protects students' educational records and prevents the improper disclosure of these records. As an SASC student, you must sign a release of information and specify the individual you are authorizing the release of disability-related information. Without your authorization, we will not disclose information to faculty, staff, or parents. To learn more about FERPA and your rights as a student at SDSU, visit the the University's Center for Student Rights and Responsibilties.