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San Diego State University

Student Disability Services

Explanation of Financial Literacy program

Six Worksops

Each one attended enters you into end of term drawing.


Opportunities to meet one-to-one with financial literacy specialist

Each meeting with specialist is another entry into end of term drawing


Individual attention in budgeting and financial strategies for school

Ongoing meetings with Financial Literacy specialist will result in a personalized approach to paying for school and beyond. 


For more information

Contact Demitrius Jones at 619-594-0220 or


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Workshop Descriptions


Cashing in with CashCourse

What exactly is CashCourse and how can it benefit me? Come to the Intro to CashCourse workshop to learn all about it. In this workshop you will get an introduction to CashCourse by learning how to find and navigate the website.  You will learn some of the tools available to you as a student and how to use the site to assist you in making wise financial decisions for the future.  Learn about basic tools for loans, credit, and budgeting.



Better Budgeting

The word budget might sound boring. Let’s have fun making budgets. Developing the skill of budgeting is a great way to plan for a successful future.  Come learn how to track your expenses, consider your wants versus needs and make wise choices that will benefit you far into the future. In this workshop we will also focus on financial goal setting. You will create your own spending plan considering personal goals and needs.



Finding Free Money: Financial Aid and Scholarships

Receiving a college education isn’t cheap! Find ways to pay for college by learning more about financial aid and scholarships. There are many sources of aid to help students fund their education, but you have to be willing to put in a few minutes of work to find them. Learn more about financial aid, FAFSA, and scholarships for students with various majors, disabilities, genders, ethnic identities and more. 



You’re Not Alone: Managing Loans and Debt

Have you ever worried about how to make ends meet to pay for college expenses? Did you have to take out a loan? And what do they mean by subsidized, unsubsidized, and federal Stafford loans? Come find out at this workshop! Many students take out loans or use credit cards to pay for expenses and don’t know where to begin to pay off these expenses. Don’t let debt intimidate you. Be proactive! Learn the basics of loans and debt to get and stay on track.



Give Yourself Credit: All About Loans and Debt

What’s the big deal about credit? Learn how important it is to be credit savvy, know your limits, and not go into debt! 

Do you want to buy a new computer, save up for a new car, or buy a house in the future? Be financially wise and create a savings plan.  Sacrifice some time and effort now to begin a savings plan and be rewarded in the future. Saving only a dollar a day adds up fast.



Seeing is Believing: Vision Boards

What is a vision board? A vision board is a visual representation of something you want to be or want to do in your life. It is a tool used to help you clarify and focus your goals.  A vision board consists of images and phrases that reflect the things you want in your life.  Looking at your vision board everyday reminds you of the goals you are striving to achieve.  Interested in making your own vision board?  Come to this workshop and build one together.



Financial Literacy
Workshop Topics


Week Three (Beginning Monday, September 9th):
Cashing in with Cash Course

Week Five (Beginning Monday, September 23rd):
Better Budgeting

Week Seven (Beginning Monday, October 7th):
Finding Free Money: Financial Aid & Scholarships

Week Nine (Beginning Monday, October 21st):  
You're Not Alone: Managing Loans and Debt

Week Twelve (Beginning Tuesday, November 12th):
Give yourself Credit: All about Credit and Savings

Week Fifteen (Beginning Monday, December 2nd):
Seeing is Believing: Vision Boards