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Each year, students from a variety of academic majors and minors study abroad to gain valuable international experience and work towards graduation.

Study abroad can be a big investment in terms of finances, emotions, and time. It is important to select a program that fits your academic needs and professional direction. An international program can be most valuable and influential when it is designed to connect with these priorities.

grad with thumbs upGraduating on time

Many students assume that studying abroad is something separate from their degree that will delay graduation. However, the reality is that you should be able to stay on track towards graduation if you work closely with your academic advisors to choose a program with courses that will satisfy specific degree requirements. All students must get pre-approval for the courses they plan to take abroad. 

We work hard to make sure that taking part in one of our programs will not delay your graduation. With reasonable planning, any SDSU student can have a great international experience and still graduate on time.

For more information, see:

Major, minor and general education requirements

Students decide to study abroad for different academic reasons. It is a highly individualized process selecting what graduation requirements to potentially satisfy by studying abroad.

Many students focus on satisfying upper-division major requirements in order to gain broader perspective on their primary discipline. Other students choose to satisfy minor requirements. Still other students simply take general education classes and/or electives for a more generalized curriculum abroad.  This is very important to making study abroad more relevant to meeting academic and professional goals.

Learn about foreign language study and majors/minors requiring some international study.

Academics: Before, during, and after travel

  • Academic adjustment
    Each country has a unique higher educational system. Find tips for adjusting and navigating your new academic culture.
  • Academics, step-by-step
    Learn how to handle academic requirements as you prepare to travel, during your time abroad, and after you return home.
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