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Information for Faculty

Study Abroad information for Faculty

Faculty support is crucial for successful international education opportunities at San Diego State University. We encourage you to encourage your students to seek out international learning opportunities while they are enrolled at SDSU. When students gain international experience it can have a positive impact on their whole educational life and further internationalize the campus and community.

Internationalizing the campus

One of the primary goals of SDSU is to create a genuinely global university by expanding and enhancing education abroad opportunities, faculty research abroad, visiting international faculty and scholars and international cultural programming. 

  • In 1999, about 230 students gained any international experience as part of their SDSU education. 
  • In 2011-2012, over 1,600 students participated in approved international programs for study, internships, and service-learning. 
  • In 2014-2015, over 2,400 SDSU students (31.17%) had an international experience and there was a 34% increase in EOP students going abroad when compared to the previous year

Curricular integration

The International Student Center is available to collaborate with you and your academic department in identifying partner institutions abroad to assist your students in finding curricular matches to satisfy graduation requirements. More than 30 majors and minors now require students to gain an international experience for graduation. We aim to provide all students access to programs that simultaneously fulfill graduation requirements and academically engage them.

Classroom presentations

A trained study abroad alumnus can conduct a brief presentation at the beginning or end of one or more of your class periods. The student will present basic information about SDSU study abroad programs, share his/her own experience, and encourage students to attend one of our many information sessions. To request a classroom presentation, please complete our brief online classroom presentation request survey.

Developing faculty-led programs

If you are thinking about leading a group of students abroad, please be aware that you must inform the Office of International Programs (OIP) of your plans regardless of the number of students involved or the duration of the faculty-led program. This is a requirement of the CSU Chancellor's Office.

In addition to faculty travel grants, research opportunities abroad are also available for you and your student assistants.

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