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Is it expensive to study abroad?

That depends. Studying abroad can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you make it. Factors to consider are program type, your status as an in-state or out-of-state student and the cost of living in the place where you will study. However, the single biggest factor is usually how much independent travel you do on weekends and breaks.

You CAN Afford it!

Many students assume that studying abroad is too expensive, but in fact it is often the same cost or even less than studying at SDSU.

You'll pay your normal tuition and fees, and you can use your financial aid on most programs.
You can apply for many scholarships available to support studying abroad.
You can save money by choosing a location where the cost of living is cheaper than in California!

Studying abroad can be entirely affordable and comparable to the costs of attendance at SDSU.

Explore ways to make study abroad affordable:

Research the costs of various program types to determine the type of program that best suits your budget.

You can use your federal, university and departmental financial aid awards while abroad! If you haven’t already, we encourage you to submit an application for financial aid — even if you don’t think you’re eligible for additional aid.

Planning ahead and applying for various scholarships can to help defray the costs. Many scholarships are available based on financial need, destination, length of program, field of study, and other factors. We encourage you to apply for as many as you are eligible. The lists of scholarships on our website and in the Aztecs Abroad database are not exhaustive, but should be a good starting point. Make sure to apply early and that you meet all eligibility requirements.

Learn how to create a budget and how to stay on it while you're abroad.

Students who use a tuition waiver at SDSU, including veterans, can continue to use the waiver when studying abroad on most programs.

There are many methods of fundraising today. Some people use crowdfunding tools on the Internet to reach out to broad cross-sections of potential funders, while others use more traditional methods.

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Study abroad does not have to be expensive. In fact, many SDSU students do not pay more than if they stayed at home! With financial planning, careful selection of a program, and by applying for scholarships, you can make studying abroad entirely affordable.

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