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Health & Safety
for Study Abroad

Medical Self-Assessment

Living overseas can create emotional and physical distress for any student especially for those not able to meet the demands of living in a new and culturally different environment. In some cases, mild disorders can become very serious conditions while you are living in a new environment.

Standards of medical care vary widely outside of the U.S. For you to have a successful study abroad experience, it is important that the Study Abroad Office is aware of any health concerns you may have. This will help us to advise you on appropriate resources available to you, prior to your departure.

Medical Self-Assessment Form: All students must complete the Medical Self-Assessment form in their Aztecs Abroad application prior to departure. The information on this form is not used for purposes of approval for study abroad.  In this form, you will be asked to disclose your psychiatric or medical conditions.  This information remains strictly confidential and is only stored in Aztecs Abroad to be used in the event of an emergency. If something should happen to you while you are abroad, this information will be accessed to help others assist you in the best manner possible.

  • Note: By signing the "Release and Waiver," you have authorized Study Abroad office staff or its agents to release medical information contained in the Study Abroad office files to health care providers and to secure medical treatment on your behalf in the event of emergency medical illness or injury. You have also agreed to accept financial responsibility for the treatment.

Medical check-up: SDSU also recommends that you have a check-up with your primary care physician before you go abroad to discuss your continuation of care plan, including prescription medications.

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