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San Diego State University

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Your Student's Safety at SDSU

SDSU and the Division of Student Affairs are committed to providing a safe and healthy campus environment for all students.

For safety measures, programs, and resources see the student page titled Your Safety at SDSU.


Visit the Well-being and Health Promotion website for information on:


Alcohol and other drugs

The following tools and programs have been implemented to help safeguard SDSU students from problems related to use of alcohol and other drugs:

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) education seeks to reduce and prevent problems associated with alcohol and other drug use on campus. The Health Promotion Department works to assure that SDSU meets the requirements of the Drug Free Schools Act (DFSA), required of all colleges and universities. AOD education components include:
  • Alcohol e-CheckUpToGo is an interactive web survey that allows students to enter information about their drinking patterns and receive feedback about their use of alcohol.
  • Marijuana e-CheckuptoGo is an interactive web survey that allows students to enter information about their marijuana use patterns and receive feedback about their use of marijuana.
  • ASPIRE: This award-winning assessment and personalized intervention program has been proven to reduce alcohol use and has received nationwide attention.
  • Aztec Nights: Provides a vibrant campus nightlife with fun, social opportunities for all SDSU students. It all happens in safe, exciting, substance-free settings. “Freshmen, especially, may be away from home for the first time and testing the boundaries of their newly found freedom. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights have historically been popular partying nights involving alcohol and sometimes drugs. Aztec Nights provides students with safer, really fun social alternatives,” says Randy Timm, director of Student Life & Leadership.

Title IX compliance

San Diego State University does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, or sexual orientation in its education programs or activities. The safety of our students is our highest priority, and we are committed to ensuring that sexual violence stops on our campus and in the broader society. [more]

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Information for students titled, Your Safety at SDSU.

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